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More and more organizations recognize the importance of media training.

Perhaps you need to prepare for a major press conference, or you are concerned about a business issue that is potentially sensitive. Either way, getting the most out of the media is a management skill that can be learned and practiced like any other. The secret is understanding how TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers really work.

At Bowers Media Group, we have the advantage of being media insiders. And through our broadcast and corporate television work over the last ten years, we are acutely aware of the media and PR challenges facing organizations.

Importantly, our trainers are real journalists, producers and presenters. Their strength is their in-depth, current experience of the media from the other side of the fence.

Bruce Bowers, nationally known as an investigative reporter, has over 25 years broadcast experience. He has won national and regional awards and is known for a hard hitting style of interviewing. Once you have weathered an on-camera
confrontation interview with him, you have faced the toughest questions you will face in a real interview situation. Bowers has worked for WBTV and WSOC-TV as well as NBC News Channel. His work also has appeared nationally on ABC, CBS, and CNN and he has led news crews on assignments to Russia, Estonia, the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, and Japan. He has conducted media training sessions in the Carolinas for The Hosiery Association, as well as groups in medicine, insurance, and hazardous waste disposal.

We have solid experience and credibility to offer to your organization.



Perhaps you will have a specific crisis within your organization hit the news and you have little time to prepare. You may have a policy to announce to the media in a way to that does not seem defensive. Or you may simply recognize the need to be prepared. That's why our guiding principle is to tailor-make each media training day to your requirements. Each candidate is asked to complete a short questionnaire beforehand, which outlines their background and any experience they may have had with press, radio and television.

The media training day itself is a lively mix of real life examples, practice interviews and honest, informed assessment of your on-camera presentation. In our experience, a good media training day doesn't just help de-mystify the media; it can also make a real contribution to the development of corporate strategies and goals.

The following topics are usually covered:

The Media:
Who are they?
What do they want?
Do you really want to speak to them?
How does the media see You?
Letting go of "bad feelings"
Being approachable - and available
Getting to know individual journalists

What is a story?

How are stories created?
The Press Release and other news sources
What journalists look for

The newsroom:
What is it like to be in a newsroom?
Newspapers, radio and television: They are all different.

The telephone interview:
Casual conversations
Reactive or Proactive
On and Off The Record
No Comment and other words to avoid
How to prepare
What questions should be answered
The role of the Press Officer

Print interviews:
How to answer questions with confidence
How to gain greater control of interview situations
The interviewee's rights
The reporter's rights

Radio interviews:
Dealing with Live and Recorded interviews
The studio environment
"Down the Line" interviews
Radio Phone-ins
Dealing with callers
How to stay calm and say everything you want to say
How to use your voice effectively

Television interviews:
Why television is different
How taped items are edited
"Tricks of the Trade"
Live Television: on location and in the studio
What to do - and what not to do
Body Language and dress

Press Conference Mechanics:
The press conference Mechanics of a good news conference
How to keep your "main point" from being edited out.

Full course review Maintaining ongoing media relations






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